Physical Therapy

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What would it look like if a clinic offered the best in Physical Therapy? How would patients and their referring doctors be treated? What services would be offered? What would the facilities include? How would patients feel about their experience?
Introducing…………..…In Motion O.C. in Irvine, California!

In Motion O.C. is a physical therapy clinic unlike any other, one that excels at providing both patients and their referring doctors with a first class experience. The In Motion O.C. team has been assembled from the best of the best. All of the therapists have been hand-picked. They are all Doctors of Physical Therapy with training on the most up-to-date techniques and equipment. The most qualified, the most professional, the most personable.

For patients, this translates into unparalleled service utilizing state of the art tools and technology, in a clinic setting that is both peaceful and professional, with people that truly care. For the referring physician, this translates into satisfied patients who heal more quickly, and who will thank you for referring them to such a professional and effective clinic.

At In Motion O.C., we have three private treatment rooms in a calm and professional setting to create a soothing atmosphere that promotes healing. The state-of-the-art facility contains all new equipment including a full gym, Light Therapy, a Pilates Reformer with Overhead Trapeze, two Intersegmental Spinal Traction Tables, a Total Body Ergometer and 7 Advanced Manual Treatment Tables.

One of the tools utilized at In Motion O.C. for the benefit of patients is Pilates training. In Motion O.C.’s therapists determine which patients will benefit from a Pilates component in their treatment plan.

Another wonderful option that we are proud to offer at In Motion O.C. is Aquatic Therapy. For those patients that would benefit from the weightlessness of the pool, Aquatic Therapy is a terrific opportunity to achieve rehab success that wouldn’t necessarily be possible otherwise.

Additionally, we are an In Network Provider for virtually all insurances. In Motion O.C.’s extended hours ensures that even the busiest of patients are scheduled quickly and conveniently. In Motion O.C. also provides complimentary verification of insurance benefits, and will obtain the required pre-authorizations for worker’s compensation patients.

An old Catalan proverb says, “From the bitterness of disease man learns the sweetness of health.” In Motion O.C. is here to help its clients rediscover the sweetness of health. Patients are treated with the utmost respect and care. Doctors receive information and feedback in a timely manner. Injuries are treated. Pain is alleviated. Musculoskeletal weakness is addressed and strengthened. Patients end their time at In Motion O.C. healthier and happier than when they began.


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