Written Testimonials


  • “The entire staff is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and helpful! They gave me a program that I could easily follow! The best physical therapy I have been to!”

    “I came to In Motion unable to walk for very long and enjoy daily activities. I was very discouraged. Now, I can walk for an hour or more, enjoy working in my garden, and I sleep pain-free! I’m hopeful that I’ll continue to regain my health!”

    “The exercises I was taught have been effective in improving my overall health. The treatment by Ken, Jan, and Christine during my appointments always helped ease the pain AND increase my strength and mobility! The environment and employees are so positive!”

    “Everyone here is so friendly and made my physical therapy experience enjoyable! My shoulder is pain free and much stronger. The skill of all the physical therapists and aides made me comfortable in my recovery process.”

    “I feel better and stronger than I have felt in the past 5 years! From the exercises to the physical therapists, the whole experience was positive!”

    “Had I not been at In Motion, I don’t think my recovery would have been as fast or as complete as it is. The integrative approach of therapy, postural work, and strength training were immensely beneficial in rebuilding my strength, balance and posture!”

    “Not only did you bring my arm back to 100%, but my overall strength and health improved!”

    “I’m in my third year with In Motion. That should speak for itself! They are outstanding professionals and outstanding people!”

    “This is the best my hip has felt in 13 years! It has restored my confidence! This is the ONLY facility that both treats AND educates!”

    “With the short time, I’ve been visiting, my back and flexibility has come a very long way. Everybody working at In Motion not only helps with recovery, but also makes the customer feel welcome!”

    “In Motion helped me recover from my car accident. Not only am I better, but they made me aware of which bad habits I need to get rid of in order ot be in the best health! Thank you so much!”

    “Christy is the absolute best! She is very knowledgeable, caring, and friendly. Loved the entire staff! They all made me feel welcome!”

    “I have regained full function in my shoulder and my strength is almost completely back! I have been to other physical therapy offices, and In Motion is head and shoulders above the rest!”

    “My experience at In Motion was terrific! Friendly, caring people from the front desk to the back office! The Physical Therapists are extremely knowledgeable and professional. The up beat atmosphere and great customer service is a rarity these days. In Motion has it all!” Debbie

    “Just keep doing what you’re doing.” Bill

    “In Motion is unique in that their therapy encompasses the whole body, not just the injured area. I believe this allows for complete wellness and recovery.” Rene

    “Everyone was great and I’m feeling so much better!” Lindsey

    “The experience here was wonderful, very friendly.” Heidi Robison

    “Simply Awesome! And everyone is so nice.” Anonymous

    “In Motion has found the winning combination of knowledgeable therapists/aides and excellent staff support. It was a pleasure coming here for treatment because of the calm and relaxed environment.” Vickie Stamm

    “One of the best choices I have made in my life. I would recommend to everyone!” Bob Crosby

    “I am very satisfied with my care here and won’t hesitate to recommend to others.” Anonymous

    “It was a fantastic experience. Everything that I did helped me greatly and all the help made a huge impact on my daily life.” Phuong Nguyen

    “Keep doing what you’re doing.” Heidi Robison

    “I’m better now. I can walk again.” Anonymous

    “I’m impressed with the additional options that In Motion is offering along with treatment, such as Pilates, ergonomic education, and fitness camps. I hope to schedule in some Pilates sessions as well as the fitness camp.” Linda Armstrong

    “I could not have recuperated so fast from my serious back injury without the expert and professional care from you and your tremendous staff. Thank you and good luck.” Sam DeOpsomer

    “You are all fantastic. Keep doing what you do!” Judy Schaefer

    “My pelvis and back is feeling great.” Lindsey Ginder

    “In Motion has been wonderful the entire time. Once you walk in you make me and everyone else feel successful. You evaluated my need for treatment accurately and obtained wonderful results without being aggressive.” Vickie Stamm

    “I want to thank the In Motion team for all of their great help and support.” Anonymous

    “I would recommend you to others without reservation.” Pat Rodgers

    “I will refer anyone that needs your services and hope to come back for refreshers” Anonymous

    “I had a fabulous time. I honestly looked forward to every appointment. I always worked hard but had fun and left in a good mood.” Morgan Ashe

    “Their service is the greatest! It’s personal and very respectful. I would definitely recommend them to everybody. A 10+++ overall!” Saul Espinoza

    “In Motion accommodates the customer’s needs; from scheduling to rehab programs- very impressive!!” Debbie Maddox

    “The staff is professional and caring. I always felt their concern for my well being and improved health. The injuries to my lower back and right knee have become a distant memory. Also, the staff was always willing to accommodate my scheduling preferences. I also like the new facility, which has a day spa atmosphere.” Linda Armstrong

    “It always seemed like they were glad I was there and wanted me to do well. They even remembered our conversations from one visit to the next!” Gail Greek

    “I received care and attention from the first time I walked in- a great experience!” Bob Crosby

    “I really appreciated the quick response to questions, the convenient scheduling and flexibility.”Gaelle Bouteloup

    “In Motion Physical Therapy is 100% honest” Consuelo Moran

    “Showing people who are hurting that you care sets In Motion apart.” Debbie Maddox

    “Continue to be cheerful and encouraging. You do a tremendous job!” Linda Smith

    “You couldn’t have chosen a better staff. I have loved my interactions with all of you.” anonymous patient

    “Great staff were experienced and motivating.” anonymous patient

    “I love that everyone makes you feel very welcome.” Victoria Short

    “I love the entire staff!” Michael Runkle

    “I loved how everyone said hello and knew my name, whether they worked with me or not, so keep that up.” Morgan Ashe

    “Friendly and talented environment. The staff makes you feel comfortable. I’ll definitely come back if needed.” Gaelle Bouteloup

    “Excellence, professional care and treatment. Everyone seems to take personal interest in helping you progress.” Linda Smith

    “The service was outstanding.” Lindsey Ginder

    “I had a great time. Friendly staff and I feel that my shoulder improved throughout my visit.” Michael Runkle

    “I feel as though I’ve made new friends while being treated at In Motion.” Linda Armstrong

    *Patient’s names are given only with their expressed, written permission.

    “In Motion cares. Every time I go I feel better physically and emotionally. And it’s amazing the progress I’ve made under their care.” Sandra Leffingwell

    “It’s been a privilege to have you as my personal therapists. Thanks to you I’m already feeling like a different person. God bless you all. You are the greatest. I will never forget you.” Saul Espinoza

    “It is actually enjoyable to come in for physical therapy.” anonymous

    “Before I came I was taking 800mg’s of Motrin and 1000mg’s of Tylenol 3 times per day to control my pain. Now, I don’t need any medication.” anonymous patient

    “I had an excellent experience during my therapy. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. They offer a very comfortable environment.” Rene Paquin

    “I was barely able to walk without pain, but after a few sessions I could run and wasn’t in any pain.” Morgan Ashe

    “With care and vigilance, my elbow tendonitis is greatly improved!” Debbie Maddox

    “I could barely bend my knee when I started and two months later I was moving normally with no problems.” Gail Greek

    “I found everyone willing to make my sessions comfortable. My therapists were very knowledgeable.” Annette Smith

    “I received a great deal of help as I had a lower back strain and could not move very well. Right now I can function almost normally….They have a great, well trained staff, well organized, with good equipment.” Nick Casson, Fireman

    “I became a true believer in physical therapy after coming to In Motion. I get very personal attention and care here. They treat you like family.” Kathleen Mito

    “In Motion did wonders for my back and neck problems.” Reyna Harris

    “Great! Friendly and efficient staff. Very good at using patient’s names. Evaluation was thorough and many good suggestions for overall physical improvement.” anonymous patient

    “I would definitely recommend In Motion to anyone who needs physical therapy.” Gail Greek

    “Experience with In Motion is excellent. The staff is all nice. I highly recommend this center to whomever I meet that needs PT.”Myrna Syqiarsiam

    “I am now able to start and end each day without my neck pain.” Kathleen Mito

    *Patient’s names are given only with their expressed, written permission.

    “My Pilates instructor has helped me to increase my core strength and flexibility as well as my overall muscle tone.” Michael Mittman

    “I was able to increase my overall strength and flexibility. This has also motivated me to exercise more.” Rene Paquin

    “I am much stronger and have more endurance. My core muscles are much stronger and hip and knee pain are improved.” Linda Smith

    “My wife was excited to get a Pilates Gift Certificate for Christmas.” David Viar

    *Patient’s names are given only with their expressed, written permission.

    “This program is dramatically improving my posture. As a result, I feel tons better. ” David Viar

    “The postural program is one of the best things I could have ever done for myself. My chiropractor friend can’t get over how great my posture is now.” Judy Schaefer

    “I had back pain for 3 ½ months. Now I’m pain free.” Bill Frank

    “It was amazing. I feel like I am taking away lessons in posture and strengthening that will help me for the rest of my life.” anonymous patient

    “In addition to significantly improving my problem, I was given the tools to work with it in the future.” Bob Crosby

    “Very helpful! The staff is a joy to be around. My back, neck and posture feel the best they have been in a long time.”Nicole Cruz

    “The pain is gone and so are some of my other symptoms (vertigo and migraines).” Gaelle Bouteloup

    “It was good to get a postural evaluation and exercises to help.” Anonymous patient

    “Just by looking at the difference in my range of motion, it is pretty clear that just in the few weeks I was here, my mobility has increased dramatically.” Michael Runkle

    “The treatment was appropriate for my injury, without being aggressive, which resulted in steady and rapid progress. The postural program was a wonderful addition to my therapy home program.”Vickie Stamm

    *Patient’s names are given only with their expressed, written permission.


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