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“First and foremost the staff here is amazing. Everyone is so friendly and very accommodating and makes each visit comfortable.”/”I did the Aquatic Therapy…and LOVED it!”/”When I was discharged from my therapy program, I was not ready to leave. This place is like one big family! Loved my experience so much that I will be back for the fitness program!”/”I was in so much pain, I became clinically depressed. In Motion gave me a hope that I didn’t think was possible. Today I woke up pain free for the first time in years. I’ve got my life back!”/”As an athlete, I needed only the best to rehab my injury. My doctor said I had to go to In Motion O.C. All I can say is, wow. I am back to 100% faster than even the timeline the doctor laid out for my recovery.”/”I am so grateful to my doctor for referring me to In Motion O.C. The strides I’ve made here has brought me many happy tears.”/”From A to Z, it was a wonderful experience. I feel like I’ve found my health partner….for life!”/”No one else had been able to fix my back pain until I came here. More than making me pain-free, you gave me hope. You gave me my life back.”/”There is no other facility like this. What a great experience!”/”I feel as though I’ve made new friends while being treated at In Motion O.C.”

-Ashley R./-Beth L./-Q.B./-Peter H./-Steve S./-Susan K./-Ian T./-Michael S./-Beth H./-Linda A.

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Physical Therapy

We treat a wide variety of injuries and ailments through the power of physical therapy in Huntington Beach. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy work with you one-on-one to create an effective treatment plan through the use of skilled, hands-on techniques along with the right exercises that your body needs. We are dedicated to improving your health and quality of life.

For Chronic Conditions


Chronic conditions can have an impact on your quality of life and ability to complete recreational and work activities. Physical therapy is a natural solution to alleviate your chronic pain symptoms and provide you with strategies to help manage your pain.

For Post-Surgical Rehab


Surgical recovery and physical therapy go hand-in-hand. To ensure that your body heals properly, physical therapy helps restore normal range of motion, re-strengthen muscles, decrease scar tissue build-up, and alleviate post-surgical pain.

For Sports Injuries


When it comes to sports, injuries can be common. At In Motion O.C., we are not only dedicated to helping you recover from your injury, but also preventing recurring injuries in the future. Using physical therapy exercises to increase your strength and range of motion, our Doctors of Physical Therapy can help you get back to safely playing the sport that you love in no time.

For Quality of Life


Some of our patients don’t have any specific ailments at all and are just looking to maximize their health and performance. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy can create a customized care plan based on your goals, whether those be maintaining strength and balance, enhancing mobility, or just staying healthy in general.

For Work or Auto Injuries


If you have an auto or work-related injury, our team of highly-trained Doctors of Physical Therapy can help. By following a personalized treatment plan utilizing skilled care and education, our team can help you overcome your injuries so you can get back to doing the things you love pain and injury-free.

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