Become Pain Free Now

Welcome to our Education hub, where we break down some of the more common symptoms. Here we introduce the types of pain, why we feel pain in these localized areas, and how we can reduce pain and increase our range of motion. Each ailment is explained in detail to help you understand the mechanics of musculoskeletal function, the importance of healthy joints, how our body positioning can exacerbate pain, and how we make the best use of these positions to bear weight efficiently and safely. Our goal at In Motion O.C. is to teach people how to be healthy, strong, and conscious of their movements for total wellness.

In the links above is information on different injuries and conditions. We show you how to work on these issues at home. In many cases, you may want to have one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy assess your condition and customize an individualized treatment program that is right for you. If that is you, please call us at 949.861.8600 or click here.

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