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history of physical therapy

Jeff & Natalie Meet


Jeff and Natalie Thomas were introduced in 2001 based on their common careers. Natalie was a Physical Therapist and Jeff a Postural Specialist. Two years later, in May of 2003, they were married.



Jeff and Natalie dreamed of offering a better service than had yet been available anywhere; they wanted to get away from the status quo medical feel, and instead offer a uniquely high level, professional and catered experience, all in a luxurious look and feel.


Six months after getting married, In Motion Physical Therapy was formed.


We started on the 3rd floor of a Wells Fargo building in Huntington Beach.


Why there? Because Natalie’s dad had offered free rent for the 6 months remaining on his lease! Deal!
When the free rent ended 6 months later, Jeff and Natalie decided to bring their fledgling clinic to Irvine, where we’ve been ever since.
Our mission from the beginning until now: “To bring hope, healing, confidence and joy to others.”  We wanted their clinic to be shining beacon in a hurting world.
To bring hope, healing, confidence and joy to others. Put another way, to be a shining beacon in a hurting world.
And the world–well the world that resides in the Orange County area–started to heal, one patient at a time.

We started helping so many people feel better that we ran out of space. We also wanted to help people beyond what insurance paid for, so we birthed a Fitness Coaching service that was designed to be a perfect ‘Next Step’ solution after Physical Therapy, where we could continue to help patients progress far beyond the normal therapeutic plan of care

So, we expanded from their 2,000 square feet space to a 6,000 square feet in 2008, changed their name to In Motion O.C., and added their Fitness Coaching service.

Then in 2009, In Motion O.C. also began one of Orange County’s only Aquatic Therapy services. The warm water and In Motion’s talented Doctors of Physical Therapy have teamed up to help thousands of people in the pool since 2009.

In 2018, we expanded to 7,000 square feet.


Jeff’s Side Of The Story


“My wife, Natalie, started off in this field after her dad was diagnosed with breast cancer twice.

She wanted to become a doctor to help her parents and be there for them in their times of need, but Natalie was torn by the realization that she wanted a family.
It was during this time that a counselor suggested she try studying physical therapy, which would allow her to do both. Her knowledge and expertise are the foundations of our practice.

My journey into the therapy field began when I was a patient. I used to play semi-professional baseball, and it took a significant toll on my body.

Like any athlete, I had to deal with injuries. When I hurt my knee, I required substantial physical therapy to recover. I was amazed by what the process did for me. I was able to heal, and I felt great. I became much more athletic. I eventually got a job at the same place where I rehabilitated. They taught me the therapy method that had helped me so much, and I brought it with me to In Motion O.C.

While we’re proud of the fact that we’ve accomplished our initial mission — to provide the best customer experience available — it doesn’t mean we’re content.”


We’re fortunate enough to have the #1 most highly rated Physical Therapy clinic in all of America, on both Yelp AND Google!


But what matters the most to us is the experience each patient has when they walk through the door.
When you step into the lobby, you’ll find your name on a sign welcoming you. Our front desk staff will greet you by name and make sure you get exactly where you need to go.

We have incredible Physical Therapists and Fitness Coaches.

Therapists take you through every step of the process in a systematic, friendly, and professional manner. At the end of your first visit, you’ll be given a welcome packet and a complimentary gift.

It’s easy to claim we’re the best, but we want everything about our clinic to back it up.


We’ve created the most beautiful facility in the state, and we are one of the few clinics to offer aquatic therapy.



Every experience is carefully crafted down to the smallest detail: the temperature in the building, the music, and the state-of-the-art locker rooms. All of it is an effort to provide you with an experience that shows how much we care.

This comes from our desire to serve and the passion we have for others. We want to be an example of how to treat people well, and our clinic gives us an opportunity to do just that. When times get hard, or when we had to go through bumps, we’ve always been able to fall back on service. Serving others is the real success of our clinic and something we are honored to do on a daily basis.

In Motion O.C.