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Mercy House Clothing Drive

We were honored to partner Mercy House of Orange County this winter. With the help of our community, were provided jackets and warm weather clothes to people who do not have them for our colder (and apparently rainier) months. We want to thank our whole community for partnering with us in donating 17 LARGE BAGS worth of clothes in less than a month! It was awesome to be able to see patients and friends come in and drop off item after item of jackets, sweaters and other necessary articles of clothing. Community involvement is a huge value we have here at In Motion, and we are blessed to be able to support local individuals and families.

Easter Basket Drive

We all know that Easter is a time for family, fun, egg hunts, big furry bunnies, church, community – it’s a time to celebrate! Now, the real reason is the resurrection of Jesus, but all the other things add to making it special.

However, this is not the case for everyone. Too many children wake up on Easter morning to anything but gifts, joy or brightness, fearing abuse or neglect. For them, Easter is just another day to survive. That is why we decided to partner up with Olive Crest, an organization with the goal of caring for abused and neglected children. With the help of our friends in various doctor’s offices in Orange County, we were able to supply almost 50 baskets to Olive Crest children! We were beyond excited to be able to participate in this event and we look forward to doing it again next year…with MORE BASKETS!!!

OC Animal Care Drive

We have a huge heart for those who can’t help themselves and animals definitely fall into that category. It so happens that summer is a big time of need for most animal shelters because there is a large influx of animals coming in. That being said, we took the opportunity to partner with OC Animal Care. In short, they serve most of Orange County and are a huge advocate for housing animals and finding them homes.

However, because of the large revolving door of animals and the fact that they heavily rely on donations in order to survive, we jumped in and to invited our patients and partnering doctor offices to jump in with us! As it turns out, you can get big things done when you do it together.

From June 1st until June 19th we gathered items from willing participants and got to personally drop them off at the shelter! Additionally, our timing was awesome because it had just so happened that OC Animal Care had just rescued 150 Shih Tzu’s from a hoarder’s house days prior. Much less to say, we knew that all the items were going to be put to good use.

Homeless Population Backpack Drive

Ladies and Gentlemen, we just wanted to send out another BIG THANKS and UPDATE on our Backpack Drive this year. In late July, we hit the confirm button on a large order of empty girls and boys backpacks to be delivered to our office. We were filled with an immense amount of excitement and anticipation. We didn’t know where they were going to go yet, but we knew we wanted to them to go to kids that needed them.

For those of you that don’t know, there is a surprisingly large population of kids who fall into the category of “homeless” here in Orange County. They are known as the McKinney-Vento Population. We have a huge heart for our community, and especially children. When we found at the level of need from this community, we knew we had found where we were doing to send those backpacks.

With the help of our own patients and partnering doctor offices, we were able to collect over 60 (Filled) Backpacks and over 20 boxes/bags worth of school supplies and hygiene items! We honestly could not have been more excited about the response and level of involvement.

When it comes down to it, we realize it’s not about the mere number or amount of items collected or giving ourselves a “pat on the back” for all the good we’ve done. Rather, it comes down to the help and resources each child will receive that they wouldn’t have otherwise had going into this school year. Every single backpack mattered because it represented a child who would benefit not only in their education, but in their comfort, in their ability to succeed, in their level of happiness…We are always honored and humbled by these events. We cannot express the level of gratitude we have for our own community in helping us help others. It is truly remarkable. So, thank you again to all who participated, whether in a small way or a big one. We honestly believe that these backpacks and items will have lasting impact on the lives of those who children and teens who receive them.



In Motion O.C.