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Introducing Our ACL Prevention Program

At In Motion O.C., our ACL Prevention Program is custom tailored for each individual athlete. It is our goal to keep our athletes on the field and avoid a 6-9 month delay for post-operative ACL reconstruction rehabilitation.


Our program involves highly trained Doctors of Physical Therapy, focusing on:

  • Strength Deficits
  • Flexibility Deficits
  • Postural Deficits
  • Neuromuscular Recruitment Patterns
  • Mechanical / Movement Deficits with: running, jumping & cutting
  • These are factors which play a vital role in ACL Injury and Prevention.

The most successful form of prevention is the one which begins early. That is why we have our athletes start the prevention program 6 weeks prior to beginning their season. Our early prevention program by a skilled Physical Therapist is designed to address any areas of weakness and provide correction of these deficits prior to the season.

*This information about our ACL prevention program was reviewed by Dr Natalie Thomas, PT, DPT. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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