Become Pain Free Now

Our Runner’s Analysis Program is a must have for runners

Our detailed analysis includes:

  • Thorough one-on-one evaluation
  • Running video analysis from 3 angles
  • Cadence analysis
  • Shoes analysis
  • Education
  • Personalized treatment
  • Deep insight into your running style to maximize quick recovery
  • A detailed plan with tools to help you achieve your running goals

We go the extra mile with our Runner’s Analysis so YOU CAN TOO!

“Our program is designed and performed by the experts. Why live with inefficient running, increased pain, decreased performance and risk of injury? For a measly $150 for our Runners Analysis Program, you can leverage our skill and experience to improve all of those things. Call us now to schedule yours at 949.861.8600.”

Ron Samson, Med, ATC, CRAS
Certified Running Analysis Specialist

In Motion O.C.