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“The big misnomer is that Physical Therapy is for people who are hurt. Yes, PT is there to help get you back to health after a surgery or physical setback but more than that, PT can help keep your body working as a complete unit and prevent little aches and pains from progressively getting worse that lead to major issues.

I had a great experience at In Motion O.C. I found a friendly and capable staff of experts that have one goal in mind, keeping me on the court and in top form. To me, great practitioners always look at the body as a whole, not just the location of any particular injury. They spent extra time surveying my whole body and were easily able to identify some overly tight muscles and limitations that eventually led to my calf strain. I was able to get a very informative assessment, “hands on” therapy, and a thorough exercise program to get back on the court quickly. Thank you In Motion O.C. for pursuing excellence!”

– Reid Priddy

Outside Hitter, USA Volleyball

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