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At In Motion O.C., we treat a wide range of sports injuries by utilizing the latest developments in sports medicine. Whether you suffer from a sprained ankle, torn ACL, back pain, muscle strain or any other athletic injury, our expert team of doctors of physical therapy will provide you with comprehensive and individualized care. At our clinic, we promote life-changing healing from the inside out.

Sprained Ankles

Sprained ankles are one of the most common types of sports injuries and may require physical therapy to return to 100 percent functionality.

Common symptoms of a sprained ankle may include:

  • – Pain and instability when placing weight on the affected foot
  • – Swelling, bruising and tenderness
  • – Restricted range of motion
  • – Audible popping at the onset of injury

Ligaments are short bands of flexible connective tissue that keep the joints held together by connecting two bones or pieces of cartilage. When the ankle is suddenly forced outside its normal range of motion, ligament fibers can overstretch and cause a strain or separate and create a tear. Sprained ankles vary in their degree of severity and require different treatment depending on their condition.

The best form of sprained ankle treatment lies in preventative measures. Stretching before and after exercise, warming up the ankle joint and wearing the correct shoes designed for each type of activity can all prevent ankle sprains. In the event that an ankle sprain does occur, ice, rest and compression are all important tools in treating the injury at its onset. If symptoms persist after resting the foot, then sports medicine is the next step.

At In Motion O.C., we work with each of our patients on an individual basis to develop treatment methods that are based on their unique injuries and bodies. We understand that no two sports injuries are the same and utilize a variety of treatment interventions and modalities to provide the most effective rehabilitation for you. Our team will evaluate and adapt your training as you progress through your personal program, ensuring you experience optimal results and overcome your injury.

Muscle Strains

Muscle strains are another commonly inflicted sports-related injury. Also referred to as “pulling” a muscle, a strain occurs when the muscle is overstretched or overused, causing a tear in the muscle fibers. Both muscles and tendons can suffer from strains, making many areas of the body vulnerable to them, including the:

  • – Lower back
  • – Neck
  • – Shoulders
  • – Groin
  • – Hamstrings
  • – Calves
  • – Pectorals

Muscle strains have many causes and can develop from repetitive overuse of a muscle or from a single one-time incident.

Commonly, muscle strains occur due to:

  • – Sudden heavy lifting
  • – Improper warm-up and stretching
  • – Overexertion and muscle fatigue
  • – Physically-demanding sports and activities

Pre-existing muscle imbalances and postural inefficiencies are also huge contributions to causing muscles strains.

The muscles and tendons in the body have a limited range of motion that can be increased through stretching and flexibility exercises. If the muscles or tendons in a specific area are forced beyond their normal range of motion or overexerted, the fibers begin to tear and separate. Muscle strains may range from mild to severe, with severe strains manifesting in complete separation of the muscle or tendon.

Symptoms of a muscle strain include:

  • – Swelling, bruising and redness
  • – Weakness or inability to use the muscle
  • – Limited range of motion
  • – Pain both during exercise and while at rest
  • – A visible divot or bump in the skin from a tear

Like a sprain, the first method of treatment for a muscle strain includes ice, rest and compression. If symptoms are very painful or persist more than a couple of days, then the strain is likely moderate or severe and requires intervention in the form of sports medicine.

If you believe you may have a muscle strain, then In Motion O.C. can provide you with the treatment you need to recover and restore your strength. We will not only help you heal and come back from your injury but will also teach you preventative measures to ensure you are better equipped to avoid injuries down the road. By utilizing advanced sports medicine and personalized rehabilitation, we can help you get back to enjoying an active lifestyle.

Sports Injury Treatment and Prevention at In Motion O.C.

Suffering a sports-related injury can be a frustrating and debilitating ordeal. At In Motion O.C., we understand how important being healthy and active is to both your physical and mental wellbeing. With our diverse staff of expert physical therapy professionals, we can provide you with the care you need to get back in the game.

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