Become Pain Free Now

“This past April I qualified to represent Team USA in BMX Racing. The preparation required for this race has put my body through the ringer. I am at the gym 6 days a week and on the track 3 days a week. The brutal workouts begun to take a beating on my knees and I started to have these dull pains behind both of my knee caps. I tried to push through it like I always do, but it was only getting worse. The PT experts at In Motion OC gave me a thorough evaluation and I found out I was over working by quads which were pulling on the ligaments under my knee caps. After just 4 visits to In Motion getting pampered and a simple stretching program I was back in the gym and feeling 100%. The crew at In Motion have one goal in mind, keeping me in the gym, on the track and getting me back into top form to represent Team USA in a few weeks. Thank you In Motion. You guys rocked it!!!”

In Motion O.C.