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5 Principles of Rapid Fat Loss

Choosing to live by at least 3 out of 5 of these principles will guarantee you to drop some body fat consistently and live at a healthy body fat percentage. We do recommend living by all five of these principles but baby steps!

1. Eat your greens!

Natures best fat loss supplement- raw leafy vegetables. Kale, arugula, spinach, romaine lettuce etc. Very low calories but over 300% of your daily nutrient requirement.

The more vegetables the more fat burn.

Think of how hard it is to work out, but you do it anyway. That’s how we should start looking at our veggie intake. It’s hard to get in handfuls and handfuls of greens but accept the challenge and turn it into a habit.

2. Skip the carbs/sugar for breakfast.

After a long night of fasting, eating sugar/carbs can tremendously spike your insulin.

Why do we want to regulate insulin? Insulin the vehicle that drives fatty cells and stores it. It lets the liver know to stop metabolizing its fat stores and absorb some fatty acids and glucose and transform them into fat.

If you absolutely can’t NOT eat carbs/sugar for breakfast, we recommend skipping that meal rather than eating carbs/sugar for breakfast.

3. Eat real Whole Foods!

Know where your food comes from. General rule of thumb: if you can’t kill it, grow it or pick it, don’t eat it!

Typically, when we eat “Real food” we tend to eat less of it but when we eat it we can afford to eat more of it because of the high nutrients it provides.

4. Drink water

Stop supplementing your water with other types of liquids when you are thirsty. Drinking more water will start letting go of retained water because it understands that the body is getting a constant supply.

Our liver is made of 95% water. Its role is to metabolize fatty acids, so if we aren’t drinking water, our liver will not work efficiently, therefor the broken-down nutrients can’t metabolize.

5. Strength training!

Since muscle burns more calories than fat, as you increase lean muscle mass your metabolism will increase as well.

It’s also important because of the effect of excess post exercise oxygen consumption will which burn more calories at rest, even while you’re asleep!

Let us add the cherry on top- it gives you the “toned” effect that most people seek.

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