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Are Foot or Ankle Injuries Holding You Back?

In Motion O.C. is hosting a free seminar with guest speaker, podiatrist Dr. Kolodenker on November 8th starting at 7:30.

To better serve our patients, we offer seminars aimed at providing information that can better lives. Many of you may be familiar with the back pain and sciatica seminars we hold, but our clinic seeks to support all injuries. That’s why we appreciate the opportunity to have Dr. Kolodenker from O.C. Podiatry Institute come in and present on common foot and ankle injuries. He’s our go-to option for anyone who needs an MD for foot or ankle issues and represents the integrity with which we approach our clinic.

When we sat down with him to talk about the seminar, he had great things to say about us as well. “In Motion O.C. gets the job done for difficult or stubborn injuries.
They get patients back healthier and better than before,” he says. We’ve been working together with Dr. Kolodenker for over seven years. Having that kind of bond makes for a smooth transition for our clients, but we’re not the only ones who appreciate these relationships. “Our staff has a great working relationship with In Motion, and that helps all our patients leave with a smile.”

The seminars we hold provide a fantastic opportunity for Dr. Kolodenker to have an impact on our patients. “We go over injury prevention and how to cure injuries faster. Those are some core topics, but we also go over proper gear, stretching routines, and ways to ensure health before and after trauma,” he says. “We treat a variety of injuries, but the most common we see are Achilles tendonitis, strains, and plantar fasciitis.” Having a high-quality physician help you prevent these injuries is an invaluable and necessary service.

He may wear a doctor’s coat rather than a polo, but we look at Dr. Kolodenker as part of the In Motion O.C. team. We couldn’t be more happy to have him educate our patients on foot and ankle injuries, and we look forward to many more years of his knowledge. If you’re interested in learning more about our seminars, reach out to our office today.

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