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Merry Christmas To The Both Of Us

In Motion O.C. Expands Our Facility

Providing world-class service to our clients is at the center of everything we do. From seeking continuing education to pushing our standards of performance, our staff consistently strives to live out our mission, which is to bring hope, healing, confidence, and joy to others. We do that because it’s crucial for us to practice what we preach. If our team is challenging you through your workout or recovery plateaus, then we need to follow suit. That’s why we chose to expand our facility — to push past our own comfort levels to provide an even better experience for our clients, so that we can more effectively accomplish our mission.

We took over some territory from our neighbors to add almost 1,000 square feet of pristine space. To say we take great pride in our facility would be an understatement — only the cleanest and most state-of-the-art health facility in Orange County will suffice. More space means more privacy, which helps with your comfort and experience as a whole. That’s also why we added another private treatment room. Our thought is that offering more avenues for customer service can only improve the patient’s experience.

The focus of this addition was to expand our physical therapy capabilities to help more people recover from pain, injury or surgery. Additionally, we’ll be able to move physical therapy equipment from the fitness side back over to the PT side where it belongs. In turn, our fitness side will be left with more room, so our fitness clients will have more freedom with significantly less physical therapy patients sharing their space. By reorganizing the layout of the facility, we’ll be able to maximize space on both sides, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Our first expansion was in 2008, when the facility tripled to occupy 6,000 square feet. Now at 7,000 square feet, we continue to climb the ladder of growth and elite service. Renovations are never easy, but our fitness center will be prepared for everyone’s resolutions. We know that physical therapy is still our bread and butter, but it’s only one part of what we do, and that’s why the benefits to our fitness side make this expansion a huge win-win.
For Christmas this year, I don’t think we could ask for a better gift. Our practice, clients, physicians, and community all benefit, and that’s something for us to celebrate. If you haven’t seen the space recently, stop by for a tour and let us show you around. Inside, you just might find the space to achieve your resolutions in 2019.

The In Motion O.C. Team

In Motion O.C.