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How The Passion of Athletes Changes Our Practice

When I was 3 years old, baseball was all I knew. I remember being out in the backyard with my dad hitting whiffle balls ever since I could hold a bat. Times like these were my favorite parts of being a child. In the years since, baseball has become the mechanism through which I approach my life — and ultimately, our clinic.

Growing up as a Dodgers fan in Southern California, I believe my father raised me right. I don’t have anything against the Padres or Angels, but if you’ve ever seen Dodger Stadium, you understand what I’m talking about. I loved playing high school and semipro ball. After I was done playing, I felt a part of me was missing. A lot of our clients struggle with this adjustment period as well. So much of the identity of an athlete is wrapped up in the ability to contribute on the field. When they’re injured or their time comes to focus on new aspects of life, they struggle to let go.

When I tore my hamstring playing semiprofessional baseball, I had the same experience, and ultimately, it’s what led me to create this practice. The creation was just the beginning. Our approach is to embrace the whole patient, using physical therapy as our vehicle. I remember going through my physical therapy, and the philosophy of treating the entire body not only helped me recover, but it also changed my mindset. I could move easier, and I felt light, but what got me hooked was what those improvements did for my mentality. It’s this experience that shaped In Motion O.C.’s passion for providing that same services to others.

Athletes inspire us to give better service. When they come into our office, you can see the commitment and discipline on their faces. Our staff and patients understand this and adopt a lot of the same qualities. I’m a competitive person, and the athlete in me wants that competitiveness in my career. I don’t want to rest until we’re the best in the country. Once we are, I don’t want to settle and stop there. Every customer deserves unsurpassable results from us, and we won’t be content until we give it to them. The best way to approach life is to engage with everything you have. That’s how you end up on top.

At In Motion O.C., we tackle every day with this mindset. We’re competitive but compassionate. We’re dedicated but determined. But we don’t want to be the best for selfish reasons — our Google and Yelp reviews aren’t just the best in California because we are competing against other practices. We’re competing against ourselves to be the absolute best for you. Our entire team wants you to experience a fulfilled life, free from physical limitations. Whether you’re an athlete or not, struggling with physical burdens shouldn’t have to be your reality. We want to change that. Contact us, and let’s hit pain out of the park.

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