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In Motion O.C. Recognized for Excellence

We are excited to share that In Motion O.C. has been honored with 3 separate distinctions, all in the last week. They are:

#1) Yelp has us ranked as the most trusted Physical Therapy provider in the United States, based on having the most reviews and a 5 star average. This honor reflects your very high satisfaction in your experience at In Motion O.C., as reflected in your glowing reviews on Yelp. We are so thankful for our clients who trust us with their physical health.

#2) Google has ranked us the most trusted Physical Therapy provider in California, also based on having the most reviews and a 5 star average. We are also #3 in the nation in this category. Both of the others are in New York City. It is a blessing that people in pain have a way of knowing who to trust with their health.

#3) City Beat News has awarded us the Spectrum Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction. Here is the link to the award announcement: “The Spectrum Award of Excellence in Customer Satisfaction was established to spotlight companies that give top-level experiences to their customers. Our research is done annually. Companies earning high ratings are honored with the award and receive a unique award page on the CBN website. On a continuing basis, our researchers scour available sources to find award candidates, looking for telltale indications that a company’s customers and clients are extremely well served and satisfied with their experience. Our research data collection casts a wide net covering both online and offline sources including blogs, review websites, social networks, and rating services. The Spectrum Award is based on CBN’s assessment, under our proprietary procedures and guidelines, of the company’s customer satisfaction performance. Our database of performance information has been compiled on an ongoing basis since 2009, so it is more than a snapshot of “What did they do last?”. Our process is designed to separate the reality from the smoke.”

We believe these honors were earned because the team at In Motion O.C. is “all in” on providing the best possible customer experience. This is manifested in dozens of ways, such as from your online experience of us, to the way you’re greeted at the door. From the high level of skill delivered, to the smiles on the faces all around. From the manner of home exercise programs and appointment reminders delivered, to our culture of listening to your concerns and needs. These passions formed the basis of our founding in 2003. To be honored by you, by City News, and by the community at large for that passion is such a humbling and gratifying experience. Thank you.

In Motion O.C.