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Meet Dr. Mitchelle Giorgi

Mitchelle Arvizu, PT, DPT, HSP

Getting to Know the PT’s of In Motion O.C.

Even if I wasn’t drawn to physical therapy right away, I knew I wanted to work in the medical field starting in middle school. I played soccer in high school and college, and I was on staff as an athletic trainer at Pepperdine, so athletic training seemed like a natural career choice at first. However, soccer also introduced me to physical therapy, and I really liked the idea of walking people through the recovery process, instead of just patching them up right after they injured themselves. After that consideration, I knew physical therapy was the career for me.

Forming relationships with patients throughout their recovery process is the most rewarding aspect of the job for me now. Many people come to In Motion O.C. lacking confidence and a strategy to get back to the activities they love. They bring both physical pain and emotional pain in that sense. Fostering a relationship with patients through repeated sessions means not only do I get to guide them on their physical recovery, but I also get to help them rebuild their confidence.

All the therapists here have their special passions and talents for treating certain ailments. Because of my background as an athlete and athletic trainer, I’m naturally drawn to treating sports injuries. I can empathize with what the patients are going through and develop relationships with injured athletes more easily than other patients. That being said, I also love treating people who are recovering from surgeries. After someone goes through surgery, the muscles around the treated area are usually very weak. While this may seem like a bad thing, it actually means it’s easier to mold and train those muscles for whatever function the patient needs, making for a very satisfying recovery process. Even though some types of injuries are common, no two patients or injuries can be treated the same way. The work may be challenging, and it is never boring.

I can always rely on the amazing team here at In Motion O.C. Everybody goes above and beyond to help each other, and it lends to the clinic’s upbeat atmosphere. I love that In Motion O.C. is a place where people love to spend time. We are all friends here.

I take a lot of pride in my work, and I do everything I can to invest in the recovery of my patients. Their limits become my limits, and their goals become my goals. Then, I’ll push those limits as much as they’ll budge to maximize my patients’ recovery potential. That doesn’t mean I don’t know how to have fun, though. I love laughing and joking with everybody at the clinic, and I’m all about not taking life so seriously. Most years on Halloween, you can find me dressed as a French fry at the clinic. I always say I am passionate about French fries and joke that “I am what I eat” when I don that costume.

Outside of work, I am still all about soccer. I watch it, play it, talk about it — anything having to do with soccer. I love being outdoors, and I’m always down for new experiences. Probably the coolest adventure I’ve been on was backpacking Machu Picchu for four days. I didn’t think I would ever do anything like that, but now I backpack somewhere at least once a year.

If you’re stopping by In Motion O.C. soon, don’t hesitate to find me and say hello!
-Mitchelle Giorgi

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