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Meet Dr. Stephanie Levasseur

Stephanie LeVasseur, PT, DPT

Getting to Know the PT’s of In Motion O.C.

There probably aren’t many people who can say they knew what career to pursue when they were just 7 years old. Of those few people, I’m probably the only person who has video evidence to back that claim up.

When I was really little, my dad had to get foot surgery. In the weeks following the surgery, he had to see a physical therapist, and sometimes I went with him. To 7-year-old me, the physical therapist looked like she was having so much fun. She would play games with my dad and joke with him, all while ultimately helping him heal. I was so enthralled by physical therapy, that from that moment on, I knew it would be the only career for me.

Since then, my love for physical therapy has only grown. Today, I work with patients recovering from a diverse array of injuries, and I specialize in working with geriatric populations. I work a lot with patients who have Parkinson’s, and I run the fall prevention program at In Motion O.C. I have a passion for pushing people beyond what they think they’re capable of. Many times, health care professionals will just try to get someone with Parkinson’s to the point where they can function at the minimum acceptable level even when they can do so much more. I love it when one of my patients realizes their condition doesn’t have to restrict them as much as they thought.

Of course, if you’re trying to recover from an ankle or shoulder injury, I can be the PT for you, too! That’s what I love about working at In Motion O.C. — the variability. I get to help patients from all age groups and backgrounds, which means I hear all sorts of stories. Not every health care professional gets to spend as much time with their patients as PTs do, and as I watch my patients heal, I form relationships with them and learn about their lives.

If you’re coming into In Motion O.C. sometime soon, I want you to know one thing above all else: We really do care. It’s easy to get jaded about the health care system and to think no one sees you as any more than a number. At our clinic, you’ll find the opposite is true. We want to know your goals and dreams. Do you want to play with your grandkids more? Do you want to climb a mountain? Our talented and energetic staff can help you get in shape to achieve your full potential, whatever that means to you.

At the moment, I only work at In Motion O.C. two days a week. I switched to part-time work after I had my son a little over a year ago (if you ever hear one of the other PTs call me “mama,” that’s why), and when I’m not in the office, I’m either chasing him around my house, or I’m teaching exercise classes for people with Parkinson’s. If you come into the clinic on a Monday or a Thursday, though, please come by and say hello!

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