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Meet Jessica Leimkuhler

Jessica Buus, PT, DPT, PRPC

Getting to Know the Physical Therapists of In Motion O.C.

When I was a kid, I dreamed about having a job that helped people, but I wasn’t sure exactly how. I can trace my desire to work in the medical field back to my dolls and playtime, when I would pretend to be their doctor and nurse them back to health. At first, I thought I wanted to become a doctor, but, after shadowing a pediatrician during my freshman year of college, I discovered I wasn’t that passionate about it. I had a cousin who was a physical therapist, and he told me to give PT a try. I started volunteering at different clinics during my sophomore year, and I loved every minute of it. I knew if I became a PT, I would leave each workday feeling fulfilled.

At In Motion O.C., I’m the aquatics PT. Many of my patients suffer from joint pain, neurological disorders, post-surgery movement limitations, or just the natural effects of aging. They can’t do physical therapy in a gym setting because their muscles and joints can’t take the impact, so I get to help them recover in the pool. I also work as a women’s health PT to help postpartum women get back to doing the activities they love.

One of my more memorable patients was a woman who had severe rheumatoid arthritis and had been unable to walk unassisted for years. When she got in the water and was able to walk unassisted, she (and her daughter) lit up with joy. Little moments like that bring me so much joy, and the most rewarding aspect of my job is helping patients leave behind hopelessness and get on the road to recovery. I can really connect with them on a personal level, rather than just treat them and move on to the next patient.

While I might have only a few areas of PT expertise, my knowledge is enhanced by the expertise of other PTs around me. My favorite thing about working at In Motion O.C. is the sense of community among the staff. All my coworkers are incredibly welcoming, and, any time I have trouble solving a problem, everyone is quick to offer help and advice.

Outside work, I spend time with my family and go on all sorts of adventures. I love trying new things, whether it’s a new restaurant or activity. I recently went bungee jumping for the first time at the Bridge to Nowhere, and I went skydiving in San Diego. I’m an avid beach-goer, and I recently got into hiking. I hope to hike Mount Whitney in the near future!

Working at In Motion O.C. has been more than incredible because of my coworkers and the patients I get to help every day. If you’re coming into the clinic soon, I hope to meet you!

Jessica Leimkuhler

In Motion O.C.