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Nutrition Testimonial – Joe Johnson

I have been attending In Motion O.C. for Aquatic Physical Therapy for my back and hip problems. At 300 pounds with Type II Diabetes, hip pain, and several other health issues I finally realized I needed to lose weight. I was at a point in my life where I had to do something or I would be wheelchair bound.

During therapy Tyler, the PTA told me to talk to Melanie about nutrition. I signed up for nutritional health coaching with Melanie and she has saved my life. She has given me at least 10 more years of my health back. I have now lost 20 pounds and 6 inches in one and a half months. My hip pain and inflammation are much better and I can walk farther.

I will continue to follow the healthy eating program designed by Melanie so I can reach my goal of 60 pounds. It is a lifestyle change that I want to continue. I realized it’s not that I was eating too much food before, but that I was eating the wrong food. I am very thankful to Melanie for educating me on healthy eating.

– Joe Johnson

In Motion O.C.