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Poor posture is an epidemic in America, it can be seen anywhere you look. Texting posture, computer posture, smart phone posture all of these slumped positions place a lot of strain on the low back and neck. None of these postures utilize the core muscles which are greatly needed to be able to sustain a stable posture in all positions.

Correct posture shouldn’t be difficult to maintain if the proper muscles are strong enough. Too often we try to overcorrect to gain what we think of as better posture. This usually looks like someone arching their back, sticking out the chest, lifting the chin, and protruding the head. No one can possibly maintain this posture for too long.

Whether sitting or standing, proper posture starts with the position of the pelvis and the activation of the core first. Once the pelvis is in the right position and the core muscles engaged then the shoulders and head follow suit into their proper position. When you learn to use your core muscles appropriately, then maintaining proper posture is much easier to hold. It will look like ears over the shoulders; Shoulders over the hips and hips over the ankles.

Posture is not just for static positioning. Proper posture should be involved in all functional activities like lifting, reaching, squatting, bending, and sports. Performing these activities with good posture will insure less injuries during activity.

One important example of proper posture with lifting is making sure the object being lifted is held as close to you as possible with the main lifting muscles are driven through the legs and stabilized through the core.

Whether you are elderly, an athlete, or currently in the work force; proper posture will affect every activity you do.

Here at IMOC we have postural alignment classes to teach people specific techniques and exercises they can do at home to improve their posture. As well our Physical Therapists are adept In examining and educating our patients with specific postures for your personal lifestyle activities . Give us a call today.

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