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Upcoming Seminar on Joint Health With Dr. Gabe Carpio

Hello, my name is Dr. Gabe Carpio, and I work as a nonsurgical orthopedic specialist at Hoag Medical Group (HMG) in Irvine, California. My specific role at Hoag is as a primary care sports medicine physician. I work with patients who are athletes and weekend warriors, doing everything short of surgery to treat conditions like concussions, sprained ankles, and even chronic asthma. While I try my best to develop relationships with my patients, I want them to be as involved in the healing process as possible, and sometimes that means sending them to work with an experienced physical therapist. For many of them, I recommend In Motion O.C.
In Motion O.C. has been my go-to recommendation for patients from the Orange County area since I first learned of the clinic about a year-and-a-half ago. They offer many services that are not available in most other facilities, such as video analysis of an athlete’s form to better target areas that need healing. And perhaps even more beneficial than that technology, their physical therapists are passionate about getting people back to participating in the sports they love.
I always get positive feedback from the patients I send to In Motion O.C. They have a lot of good things to say about the physical therapists themselves and the personalized approach they take with every patient they receive. I am glad I have a physical therapy clinic close by, where I am confident my patients will receive the care they need.

That is why I want to let readers know about the seminar I will be presenting at In Motion O.C. next month. The title of the presentation is “The Joint Effort! Keeping Your Joints healthy: A Sport Medicine Approach,” and it will be on May 14 at 7 p.m. The seminar is free, but an RSVP is required, and there are a limited number of seats left. You can go to the In Motion O.C. website to register.

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