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Explore Irvine’s Outdoor Hiking Trails!

If you’re trying to get your steps in for the day, or you’re looking for a new jogging route, why not go somewhere you can get away from it all? All around Irvine are parks and trails that boast gorgeous natural landscapes to make the city seem far away without having to drive too far. If you’re new to the area, or you just haven’t had the chance to check out the surrounding nature, we recommend you visit some of these parks and reserves.

Quail Hill Loop, Open Space Preserve

Nestled right along the 405, the Quail Hill Loop, a quick and easy two-mile trail, takes you out of the city without really taking you out of the city. It serves as a connecting point to the rest of southern Irvine’s vast trail network, giving hikers a taste of what the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks have to offer, without putting too much strain on new hikers. Quail Hill is also the only wilderness trail that allows dogs, so feel free to bring your canine friend along on your walk!

El Moro Canyon, Crystal Cove State Park

Offering a spectacular view of the ocean as your reward, this two-mile hike gives hikers a gorgeous, vegetation-lined trail to follow, as well as multiple opportunities to explore. El Moro Canyon Trail has all sorts of ridges and crags to check out, and at the end is a pristine beach with rolling waves. So, when you’re loading your daypack before the hike, be sure to pack your swimsuit and sunblock!

Turtle Rock Trail

Tucked within a couple of residential neighborhoods between UC Irvine and Concordia University Irvine, the Turtle Rock Trail gives hikers a view of their city all around them — if they’re willing to endure the trail’s multitude of ascents and descents. For hikers who want the rigor of a wilderness hike while still beholding the splendor of the city, Turtle Rock is the best of both worlds.
Hiking on uneven, changing surfaces is a great way to build up the muscles in your lower legs, not to mention an enjoyable activity for nature lovers and fitness buffs alike. Get out and explore our local trails today!

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