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The Biggest Reason New Year’s Resolutions Fail

Are You Ready to Achieve Your Goals?

January is often a time for goal setting, and as the Director of Fitness for In Motion O.C., I see this all across the industry. Big-box gyms fill up with resolutioners in January, all in search of a better life and a sculpted body, only to fall back into regular routines by February. More often than not, I see New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside and turn into failed goals. It’s not because of a lack of desire or willingness; it’s because of misinformation.

A prime objective at In Motion O.C. is to educate our patients. We have individuals come in and explain to us how they’ve been doing certain exercises, only to find out the technical deficiencies of their movements. YouTube videos can certainly be a great resource, but many of them provide inaccurate information. That’s why we take the time with our clients to break down each movement so that we are guiding them properly. Sometimes that means re-education. Other times, we’re able to instill proper form in people who are new to exercise. The caveat with this is preventing information overload.

Too much instruction creates a burden on people, which is often why New Year’s resolutions fail. Most people think that the best workouts are the most complicated. They look through extremely detailed training plans and try to do exercises that are far above what is necessary. When resolutioners hit their first roadblock, they see the burden of all the information and eventually shut down, yet in reality, you don’t need complex routines to achieve maximum results. The best thing you can do to maintain consistent results is to drink water. Eight glasses a day is the easiest way to make sure your body is always performing at its peak. Also, minimizing stress is a simple practice that yields significant results.

One of the most impactful ways we can help your recovery and overall health is by reinforcing the principles of human movement. The body is designed to work in a certain way, and our exercises are meant to help these movements. I believe that if we can teach these basics, then our clients can take the concepts home and apply them on their own. While we love helping people at our clinic, the best way to truly empower others throughout their lives is with information. My personal mission is to better the human race through exercise and fitness, so teaching people best practices is at the center of everything I do.

Continuing education is one way I attempt to stay at the precipice of new data. I’m constantly learning new approaches to traditional concepts, and that translates to better client experience. I love to use everyday objects in my workout routines. I like to tell my clients, “Life doesn’t have handles.” We use sleds, sandbags, ropes, and other objects that require a more focused approach. Grabbing an awkward object involves the use of different muscles, and it’s a more natural movement.

If you’re looking for some tips on the best way to get the most out of your workouts this year, give us a call. I’d love to sit down with you and walk you through some simple ways your resolutions can turn into a lifestyle.

Edgar Benitez

In Motion O.C.