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Why You Need a Partner for Rehab

The Secret to That Extra Push

Whether it’s a slip and fall, a severe injury, or a simple strain, trauma of any kind can seriously affect your life. Simple tasks like getting out of bed in the morning or even bending over to pick up your kids can become difficult for those struggling with injuries. When such little moments are hindered, life can be infinitely more complicated. Many people consider traversing the minefield of emotions that occur after sustaining an injury as something they can do on their own. In actuality, no matter how big or small the setback, having a partner is crucial to helping you along the path to recovery. Here are two benefits.

Even the most driven people need to be held to standards. You need structure in your rehabilitation because a plan gives you something to latch your determination to. Recovery is often dependent on the effort you apply, and because of that, you need support in your pursuit. Whether it’s a therapist, friend, or spouse, you need someone to celebrate your progress and encourage you through your failures.

Sometimes you just need that extra push. It could be to help you do an extra rep of your hip-adductor exercise that you’ve reached a threshold on, or simply to wake up and get to our facility. The reason for the motivation doesn’t matter; only that it’s available to you. You can be as internally motivated as you want but eventually, you’re going to need a little help. That’s where a partner comes in.

Most patients experience layers of emotions when going through the rehab process, and for those who don’t have friends or family close by, we want to help. Talk to your therapist about what you’re going through. Our facility is a safe place, and we’re here to provide both motivation and accountability.

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