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New Services and Techniques to Help You Optimize Performance

Part of what allows us to achieve our mission (to give hope, healing, confidence, and joy to others), is constantly seeking out the needs of our community and looking for ways we can fulfill those needs. Just as our community develops and changes, we desire to constantly develop too so we can continue to optimize the ways we help. That is why we have added two new services and one new technique to our repertoire here at In Motion O.C. If any of these sound like they would benefit you, give us a call or come in for a visit.

Active Release Technique
Active release technique (A.R.T.) is an advanced, highly personalized method of physical therapy that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves. Problems in these areas are often a result of overused muscles and adhesive tissue buildup, which tends to hinder muscle rehabilitation. This method uses a combination of examination and treatment to relieve scar tissue and remove this barrier to rehabilitation. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy have all been trained in A.R.T. Adding this technique to our tool belt will put us in an even greater position to offer our patients the best care possible. A.R.T. is covered by insurance as part of a physical therapy overall plan of care.

Performance Therapy
Our Performance Therapy service is designed for athletes and highly active individuals. In the world of competitive sports, every inch, second, or other small advantage can mean the difference between winning and losing. If you want to get a leg up on the competition, definitely check out this program. We offer two options. Option one is designed as a 1-month intensive program to prepare you for your upcoming sport season. Twice a week for four weeks, our team will use computerized movement analysis software to progress you and track your movements, comparing your data to that of collegiate and professional level athletes. It’s designed specifically to improve your athletic performance in your sport. Option two is the same as option one with two differences. It is a “one-off” session instead of a one month program, and it doesn’t include the computerized movement analysis. But it’s a great option for someone who just feels “a little off” and wants to get right. Performance Therapy is not covered by insurance. It’s $699 for the full program or $100 for the “one-off” session. If you or anyone you know might benefit, give us a call.

Movement Analysis
The Movement Analysis service is similar in many ways to the Performance Therapy program and uses the same technology. It is for anyone looking to improve their movements, correct their posture, or just feel better but who doesn’t want or need a full physical therapy program. We use the same computerized movement analysis technology as the athletes get in the Performance Therapy 1-month program. We then leverage the technology, hands-on treatments, and exercises to help you. Each session is separate and designed to get you moving and feeling well. Like performance therapy, these sessions are not covered by insurance and are priced at $150 per session.
We decided to add these services because we saw that athletes and nonathletes could benefit from the techniques and technology involved. Call us at 949.861.8600 if you would like to schedule any of these services.

-Jeff Thomas

In Motion O.C.