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Meet Dr. Katie Boss

Getting to Know the PT’s of In Motion O.C.

I didn’t always know I wanted to be a physical therapist, but when I was still in school, I tried to find a career path that would let me help people become their best selves and provide healing for people who were hurting. My love for athletics and a desire to treat physical ailments coalesced in my pursuit of an athletic training career. However, even though I liked working with athletes, I didn’t want my career choice to restrict me to working solely with athletes. Then, after my soccer injury, experiencing physical therapy made me realize I wanted to make PT my career.

Since I began my career as a physical therapist, I’ve worked in several different environments, but I think outpatient care is my favorite. I get to work with different people dealing with all sorts of conditions. As someone who runs regularly, I have a passion for working with runners, whether they’re beginners or elite marathon runners. I’m very familiar with the injuries that plague runners, so I’m well-suited to help them through the recovery process. If runners want to get themselves into peak shape, I can analyze their stride and balance with our Runners Analysis Program, which pinpoints weak areas in their performance. I also work with lots of other athletic individuals, whether they’re collegiate athletes or weekend warriors. All in all, I get to live out my dream of helping a wide range of individuals get back to what they love.

I think one of the most satisfying parts of being a physical therapist is witnessing all the little “lightbulb moments” our patients have during the recovery process. That’s what I call any time our patients see a light at the end of their dark tunnel — when they know they’ll eventually get better. Lightbulb moments can happen at any point: while they’re practicing a new stretch, learning a new concept, or even just realizing they’re not alone in their recovery journey. Watching patients achieve those small wins and cheering them on makes my job worth it.
I also love how everyone at In Motion O.C. does their best to create an environment that makes those moments not only possible but also commonplace. We have a sense of community here. We welcome people with open hearts and hands and try to make our clinic a place where staff and patients alike can feel free to be themselves. I love working and laughing alongside my colleagues, and I love how well each person’s role complements the others.

If you come into In Motion O.C. and you have me as your PT, know that I’m all about helping you feel better and live without pain. However, you should also know that while we’ll work hard, we’ll also have fun. We’ll talk about your family, about football (Go Packers), and I’ll probably ask you what your favorite Disney movie is (mine’s “The Lion King”).

When I’m not at work, you’ll probably find me playing soccer somewhere (it’s still my favorite sport), rollerblading, or running. While my hobbies keep me pretty active, I still have a huge sweet tooth and find it difficult to say no to a hot fudge sundae. I moved to Irvine from Chicago within the past couple of years, and I’m loving every minute of the sunshine. If you’re ever visiting In Motion O.C., please say hello!

-Katie Boss

In Motion O.C.