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“Straighten up & Strengthen”

By Linda Melone

The postural program at In Motion O.C. corrects imbalances and brings significant pain relief. by Linda Melone

If the word ‘posture’ brings to mind standing up straight and walking with a book on your head, you may be surprised to know it’s about much more than looking good.

“Postural issues leave us vulnerable to pain and injury, make us less athletic, less flexible, weaker and tighter,” says Jeff Thomas, managing director and postural specialist with In Motion O.C., in Irvine. “Poor posture deteriorates your health.”

Thomas explains that poor posture doesn’t happen simply because you slouch.

“Poor posture [begins] when there’s not enough healthy movement to maintain musculoskeletal strength and stability,” he says. “The problem is we can’t just move more; we have to fix the existing postural imbalances first, so that we are reinforcing healthy form and function, and not making things worse.”

The postural program at In Motion O.C. helps relieve pain by resolving the root causes of postural imbalances. It involves an evaluation followed by a prescribed series of simple stretches and strengthening moves. The specific exercises often do not appear directly related to the pain site. For example, an outer- and inner-thigh strengthener and/or upper-back stretch may be prescribed for lower back pain. The exercises are based on the muscles that are currently either moving improperly or inadequately, Thomas says.

Muscles that may be compensating or substituting for other muscles now return to their proper roles. The key to the success of the program is diligence. You must do the program as prescribed every day. Each at-home session takes between 20 and 60 minutes, and you return for a re-evaluation and an updated program every 10 days or so.

In Motions O.C.’s full one-on-one program is $995 for six sessions – or save 60 percent with Skype sessions for $395. A limited version is also available at no cost, provided that medical insurance covers the program as part of physical therapy. In Motion O.C. also offers physical therapy, aquatic therapy and personal training.

Note: I can personally vouch for this program. When I went through it four years ago, it completely eliminated my chronic back pain, and I’ve been pain-free ever since. I still practice some of the stretches every day.

You can view the digital version of OC Metro (March 2013), on Page 74:

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