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Who Is Dr. Haze Hernandez?

Getting to Know the PTs of In Motion O.C.

I knew from right around my junior year of high school that I wanted to pursue a career as a physical therapist. I grew up playing sports my whole life. Soccer, basketball, tennis — you name it, and I played it. Injury was almost ever present in my active lifestyle, but I just accepted it as part of being an athlete.
I think where my experience differed the most from that of many other young athletes was in my access to a physical therapist. When I visited a physical therapist, I was intrigued by the “up and about” nature of the job. Unlike doctors at a traditional doctor’s office, PTs got to be active as they helped patients heal.

Even though I’m not on any sports teams now, I love working with such an active population here in Irvine. Working with athletes of all kinds energizes me because I know I can really help them. I’m familiar with the strain their lifestyle puts on their bodies, and I know how to help treat and prevent injuries.
That being said, my perspective on what PTs can do for people has definitely changed. While working with athletes is what got me into physical therapy, giving hope to someone who has endured constant pain is amazing. Usually, they’re satisfied if we can just give them temporary relief, but to give them back an activity they thought they would never do again — that’s really something special.

The clientele of In Motion O.C. are incredibly diverse, and so is the variety of injuries that we treat. We see everything, from back pain to run-of-the-mill ankle sprains. Some injuries are more challenging to treat, and some are more interesting to solve than others. I especially enjoy solving knee and ankle injuries. They tend to be more challenging to solve than other injuries, and they appease the physical therapy nerd within me. It’s like solving a puzzle in a way, and I enjoy building the patient’s confidence in my abilities with every breakthrough.

Every member of the team here has something they specialize in, or a certain injury or type of patient they like working with the most. Working with my team in such an energizing space is definitely what I love about working at In Motion O.C. Our different quirks and skill sets complement one another and push us toward a common goal of helping people heal.

Ultimately, that’s what I want our clients to understand about our center: We want to help
them heal, and we have their best interests at heart. I’ll give you honest feedback about your injuries and your progress. Sometimes my honestly comes off very kind, and other times, I strike a more assertive tone. In any case, my goal is still the same: to help you live your life to the fullest and do all the activities you want to do.

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