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A huge source of disease and pain involves inflammation and acidity. One of the unique and effective ways that In Motion O.C. combats these problems is by providing our clients Kangen Water®. Kangen Water® has 4 main attributes:

  1. Alkaline (at 9.5ph)- to remove acidity in the body.
  2. Anti-Oxidant (10-15 times more so than even Green Tea, a well-known anti-oxidant) to remove toxins.
  3. Mineral Rich- unlike bottled water and reverse osmosis systems which remove the important minerals from our water (the Japanese call this “Dead Water”), Kangen Water® filters out the bad metals in tap water while still maintaining the healthy minerals.
  4. Micro-Clustered- all of the above is useless unless the alkaline, anti-oxidant, and mineral rich properties actually penetrate the cell membranes and heal your body. Kangen Water® is able to do that because the molecules are in smaller clusters, enabling it to absorb throughout your whole body in a matter of minutes. So it doesn’t just sit in your stomach like most every other type of water.

Because of these attributes, we provide it to our patients in order to help reduce inflammation, thereby allowing their body to heal faster as it supplements the therapy we provide. For our fitness clients, it tends to drastically reduces delayed onset muscles soreness. And for ALL of our clients, the other benefit is it puts the body into homeostatsis, providing a healthy environment for our body to become and stay healthy.

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Types of Water
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